Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just so you know, there are MANY REASONS 2 BOOK!

As Hip Hop continues to get pushed into small places on the fringe of existence, out of Manhattan into Brooklyn, one face has re-emerged on the scene to make an impact. Known by all veterans of the Indie Hip Hop Scene as Many Styles from his days of wiping the floor with upcoming rappers, the Brother, now known as I AM MANY, has been popping up in some youtube videos showcasing his impressive rhyme skill and stage presence. I can't tell you enough that the audiences will be mesmerized, and Brooklyn is ready to share one of it's own with the rest of the world. Here is the proof everyone, booking agents, promoters, managers, music lovers, etc...
Douche Bag $hit! By I Am Many (over Beegees Staying Alive)

here he kills it at Bowery Poetry Club

here he brings the THEATRICS to SANTOS PARTY HOUSE

here he breaks down the absurdity of racial identity

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