Sunday, March 8, 2009

Best Of 2 Hungry Bros

here's a treat for all of you. This is the 2 Hungry Bros, best of mix previous to their AOK DAYS. Here's the link.
here's the playlist. Get excited, "My Crew's All THINNER" is only 2 Days away.

2 Hungry Bros Presents "Best of 2 Hungry Bros Vol. 1
1. Intro- Force Fed by IDE

2. "Takin up Space"- Tell All the World by MANY STYLES

3. "Random Violence" - Random Violence by Jak Progresso

4. "Snap" - Frequent Flyers by Jav aka Rapmononov & Raze the Ratchet

5. "Break Guitars'- Dream Dentistry by Lodeck

6. "Hidden Nework" Force Fed by Ide & Mr. Sinister

7. "Taste of Love" Tell All the World by Many Styles

8. "What Happens?" Force Fed by Ide & Critical

9. "Exclusive Breez EvahFlowin Track"

10. Interlude off of Force Fed

11. "Number 1 Rapper" – Frequent Flyers by Shorty Black

12. "Kiss the Girls" – Random Violence by Jak Progresso & Maragarita Medina

13. "Wright about NOW" – Tell All the World by Many Styles

14. "What Does it All Mean" Frequent Flyers by Many Styles & Reason

15. "It Never Ends" Tell All the World by Many Styles

Please remember if you are digging the production, to check out Table Manners by the 2 Hungry Bros, the first AOK Album to launch the domino effect of fresh consistency of substance and quality that comes with the Brand.
TABLE MANNERS is available on ITUNES, CDbaby,, and many many more.
New Mixtape by P.Casso "Earthtones" coming soon this month. We are making this year a lot more enjoyable even with America's economic crisis, we are offering top quality music for all to enjoy and some of it for free.
8thw1 and 2 Hungry Bros album in the works for Summer 09'
set to feature Von Pea, Homeboy Sandman, Fresh Daily, and P.Casso and many more. Peace

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