Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BAck For Seconds.. finally up on my blog with food

Speaking of seconds here's something delectable I came across with my wife....

Chipotle' braised Beef Short Rib with Parmesan Grits and Glazed Carrots.
This was all part of the spectacular event called Dine In Brooklyn.
Margie and I went to Bread & Butter on Henry Street by Cranberry Street in Brooklyn Heights.
I got this with an arugula salad with Watermelon Radish, goat cheese, sliced apples, and candied walnuts.... pretty standard, no pic needed. it was really refreshing though.

This is what Margie had! Seared Catfish with Mushroom Risotto and a special wine based Tomato Sauce.
The Ribs of course were boneless and very tender. They broke apart upon touching them with the fork. The chipotle Kick complemented the creamy parmesan grits. The carrots were cool. They went well with the beef like they would in a beef stew, yet they weren't so glazed.
I tried my wife's catfish. it wasn't gummy or undercooked. The searing left the top with a nice crunch. The mushroom risotto made for an interesting texture of mushy and plump.
They gave you this with dessert as well for $25.
For Dessert we both enjoyed the Pecan, Cinnamon, and caramel baked apple!!! with whipped cream on the side. Great. I had a cappuccino to wash it down.

if you get a chance this week... take the lady or good friend out for the Dine In Brooklyn Experience before it ends this week at Bread & Butter. For more info peep the link I left you under the apples. If you miss Dine in Brooklyn, don't worry the prices are reasonable and the menu is awesome. Margie tried their fried chicken and the portions were huge and the taste travelled all the way into the bone. No Dry meat. Their fries are very thin but seasoned well, almost like onion rings on those awful Burger King Burgers. Speaking of Burgers.. they have an awesome one there. The waiter told me they grind the steak there so don't be afraid to get it medium because it come from one cow. I saw the burger it was huge. I'm gong Back for Seconds and I'm getting that next. See YOU THIN!!!